Walk With Me

I Am So Glad You Are Here!

I don’t know exactly what brought you. Maybe you were just skimming through random blogs, or maybe it was suggested for a topic you were looking for.  Maybe a friend shared the link or you happened upon me by accident.  I don’t know how you got here. I am just SO glad you are.

I was going to say this blog is about my journey, but it really isn’t. It’s about EVERY single person who plays a part in it. From what inspires me, to how I can inspire you, I think we are going to have so much fun!

Walks With Grandpa

I remember as a child, visiting my grandparents and every day, my grandpa would say to me, “Walk with me.” and head toward the door.  I never asked, “Where are we going?” or for him to explain further.  There was no need.  My grandpa was an intentional man and never ceased to deliver something interesting in every conversation.  He asked great questions and told the best stories!

One particular day, we went for a walk down the long dirt road that led up to their driveway in the woods. As we got further away from home, I inched closer to him naturally, to stay within the safety of his reach.  I always knew, no matter what came, he would do his absolute best to protect me and that no matter the conflict, he would know exactly what to do.

It was a good thing too, because that day, he chose to tell me a frightening story about a little boy who chose to walk through life alone, after a tragedy.  “His heart was real broken.” Grandpa told me. “He just knew he couldn’t trust anyone.”

As the story continued, I learned that while the boy became strong and independent, terror came when he came across two wolves in a forest, and he was outnumbered.  Out of nowhere, a man, just slightly bigger than the boy, came running from the trees, fighting one wolf, allowing the boy to fight off the other one.  The boy was so grateful and learned a great lesson. He realized sometimes he would not be able to do things alone, and there truly are good people in this world. The pair grew quite close and are still wonderful friends today. It was the perfect story for that time of my life, and has encouraged me to look for the good in people.

Whether I was learning something new, or being treated with a familiar treasured story, those walks, were some of my most impactful moments growing up. They induced the love I have of family, friendship, AND adventure.


That is exactly what I would like to have with you. As you come in to read and visit, I want you to know, you are SO welcomed here. I hope you will feel inclined to share your experiences, ideas, and dreams with me as well. It would be amazing to go through this together! So, I just have one question…

Walk with me?