The Journey… The Real Beginning

Welcome! Thank you for joining me!

It may seem like I have created this blog prematurely, as I am not technically ‘setting out’ on the road until next year… but the dream to travel has been in my heart for so long and the journey really is starting here.

The moment I decided to share this journey with you, I knew it needed to be personal. That I wanted you to be a part of EVERY step… giving you all the goo, WITH the good. You know, how I got here, so we can appreciate the great things that are happening together.  We are ALL in this together!! (If you just sang that, we probably have the same aged kiddos, or you know my kiddos… or you ARE my kiddos.) Welcome to my nerd side. 🙂

So, Who?

Okay, I get it. It’s important that you know who I am, the experiences that have made me the way I am, where I have been, where I am going, and what this journey is even about.  BUT if I put all of that in one entry, we would be here until next year! So I am hoping a little will go a long way.

Here’s the little…

If I could summarize my life into a motto, it would probably be that I fit in everywhere, but I belong nowhere.  I love people but I also love time alone. I enjoy change and learning, immensely, which has led to a life of many interesting jobs and experiences.  While I have also had my share of tragedies in my life, and will try to include those when they are relatable to a topic, they do not define me, so I will leave them out for now.  Deal? … Deal! 🙂

I tend to be (annoyingly to some) optimistic by nature but it is not due to a lack of life trying to throw me down.  I just refuse to stay down or to dwell on the times when I fall. I am extremely grateful to be alive and LOVE to see others live as well.  My favorite things are hammock camping, cooking outdoors, music of all kinds, my family, holding hands, My Father, watching the seasons change and writing.  I also love challenges even if it is trial and error… LOL

Get Ready!

That being said, fasten your seatbelts, you are about to enter into a world you did not even know existed… My life… mildly edited. troll hairI add ‘mildly edited’, only because I sometimes think I will not care if my hair looks like a troll, but then when I go to post pictures… I realize, maybe I do care a little. haha


I am going to need your help and I love hearing from you! This kind of journey is a first for me, so please chime in any time with advice or tips to make this a great experience for us all.  I am super excited to have you on board.  Let’s stay connected, so we don’t lose each other! Subscribe by email or choose to FOLLOW this blog.

Thanks for going on this journey with me… From the REAL beginning.

I don’t even know what this journey is supposed to look like… That’s what makes it so exciting! ~Angie